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About GT Web Hosting

Our Story

GT Web Hosting started to help those less technically minded to easily get a web presence.

We began in business as educators and quickly discovered that the bigger or faceless hosting companies weren’t providing the support that many folks needed so we decided to start our own friendly hosting company.

Our vision is simple: Affordable hosting while maintaining a personal feel with a focus on people.

A Remote Workforce

Most GT employees work partially or exclusively from home, just one more step in our sustainable business strategy. There are so many benefits to this which include “reducing absenteeism, lowering turnover, improving the health of workers, and increasing productivity.”

Many people don’t realize that remote working is a green choice. Remote working helps conserve energy by having smaller offices that use less energy and resources, and by our staff encouraged to work remotely helps preserve the environment by reducing vehicles on the road and congested traffic conditions. Reducing toxic gases and dust particles into the atmosphere as well as chemicals into our waterways and rivers is just another great reason to have a remote workforce.

Why Choose GT Web Hosting ?

GT Web Hosting is a one-stop-shop for all things Hosting & Domain Name related. We’re personal by nature and very committed to providing you with great value services along with friendly and knowledgeable customer support staff.

The Geek Team is here to help!


With a 30 day money back guarantee why not try us!

If you’re not happy with our services we will simply give you your money back!